Harnett County Schools has a new website.  
If you have accessed this website you are not on the new HCS website.  

Please check your bookmarked site and change the address to 

To use subfinder you may visit https://harnett.subfinderonline.com/  or call 1-866-515-1032

You must use subfinder for all absences

Your User Name is your Last Name
Your  Password is a three to nine digit number you created.

SubFinder can be accessed from your home or office computer, or any computer that has an Internet connection. Simply enter your organization’s SubFinder web address in your Internet browser address line, press Enter on the keyboard, and the SubFinder log in screen will appear.

Enter your last name in the User Name field and your PIN in the Password field and click Submit.


Upon successful login the Welcome screen will appear. Any welcome messages and/or important information from your Site Administrator will be displayed.

On the left side of the screen are the buttons that give you access to various options. These include:

  • · Report Absence
  • · Review Absence
  • · Personal Info
  • · Tutorial
  • ·  Log Out

Reporting an Absence

1.   Click the Report Absence button

· The site field will display your home site.

· The position field will display your primary position.

2.   Enter the Start and End dates for your absence. If the times differ from your normal work times (i.e., a half-day absence), enter the specific times. If the job start and end times differ from the absence start and end times, enter the appropriate information.

3.   For a multiple day absence you’ll need to specify whether the absence and job times will follow your normal employee schedule (i.e. starting at 12:00PM on the first day and ending at 4:00PM on the last day) or the same times daily (i.e. only 12:00PM – 3:30PM each day).

4.   Select an absence Reason from the drop down menu by clicking on the down arrow and then clicking on the appropriate reason. You may be asked to enter a miscellaneous code or Activity ID after selecting the reason.

5. Choose a Job Type by clicking on the down arrow and choosing from Substitute Required, No Substitute Required, Prearranged Substitute, or Requested Substitute.

6.   Special Instructions can be added as a file attachment or as a text-based message. If you choose to add a file attachment, simply click the Browse button. You will be prompted with a window where you can browse your computer to find the file you want to attach.

7.   Confirm that all of the information you have entered is correct, then click Save Job. If the information is not correct, update the information or click Cancel.

8. After clicking Save Job, the job number will be displayed at the top of the screen. You must write the job number down for future reference. If this is a pre-arranged job, you will want to provide the substitute with the job number as well.

Review/Edit/Cancel an Absence 

1. To review your absences, click the Review Absence button.

2. Make the appropriate selections from the filter criteria. You may review your absences by:

·Date or Date Range

·Job Type (i.e., Requested Substitute, Substitute Required, etc.)

· Job Status (i.e., Filled, Unfilled, etc.)

· Substitute

3. Click Run Request.

4. Click the Job ID button which is displayed next to each absence. You will be taken into the Review Absence screen.

5. Click Replace or Remove to edit the file attachment.

6. To cancel the absence click the Cancel Absence button at the top of the page, a screen will appear asking you to verify that you wish to cancel the absence. To confirm the cancellation, click OK. If you do not wish to cancel the absence, click Cancel.

7. If you made changes to your absence click Save Job otherwise click Cancel.


Subsitute Notes

1. Substitutes have the option to leave notes regarding the job(s) they’ve worked for you. This message can be created once a job starts and updated as necessary. To review a substitute note, click the appropriate Job ID button.

2. The substitute notes will be displayed as view only, and are also made available to your site administrator(s) and system operator(s).

3. Click Cancel to return to job list.

SubFinder Phone Instructions

You can call SubFinder to report, review, or cancel absences, and to review and change your personal information. Before any functionality is available you must register with the system by voicing your name.

Pressing 9 will take you back to the previous Menu. Pressing * will allow you to move to the next item when listening to a list of items, such as absences.

1. Call the main SubFinder system and enter your PIN.

Your Main Menu:

To Report an Absence To Review an Absence To Cancel an Absence To Review Personal Information To Leave the SubFinder System

Press 1 Press 2 Press 3 Press 4 Press 9

Report an Absence

1.Press 1 to Report an Absence

2.  Enter the absence start/end dates and times. Specify if the absence is for all day today, all day the next work day or enter specific dates and times. The default times for your absence will play. If your absence differs from these times enter the correct absence times. If the job start and end times differ from the absence start and end times, enter the appropriate information.

3. If enabled, you will be provided with a prompt to voice your grade level if one is not already recorded.

4. Enter the reason for the absence. SubFinder will play a list of absence reasons.

5.Select whether a substitute is required for the absence.

6. If a substitute is required, choose to have SubFinder select a substitute, prearrange a substitute or request a specific substitute. If enabled and prearranging or requesting a substitute enter the substitute’s SubFinder assigned ID #.

7. If special instructions are required you may choose to record a short message. When finished SubFinder will repeat your message.

8. SubFinder will provide you with a Job Number.

Always wait for the job number to play before disconnecting your call or your absence may not be recorded.

1.Press 2 to Review an Absence

2. SubFinder will play all of your scheduled absences, beginning with the next one scheduled and moving into the future. After each absence you will be given the option to:

·Hear the absence again

·Hear the next absence

·Cancel the absence

·Change the special instructions

·Record special instructions

Ø The option to cancel an absence will only be available if you are calling prior to the cancellation deadline set by your HR department.

Ø The option to change special instructions will only be available if you originally recorded special instructions.

Ø The option to record special instructions will only be available if you did not originally record special instructions.

Cancel an Absence

1. Press 3 to Cancel an Absence

2. Enter the job number

3. SubFinder will play the absence along with the option to cancel the absence.

Review an Absence

1. Press 4 to Review Personal Information

2. SubFinder will provide you with the following information:

· Home site

· Standard work times

· Primary job position

· SubFinder assigned ID

· Name as recorded

To change your home site, work times or primary job position contact the SubFinder operator.

3. You will be given the option to record your name or itinerant schedule. The option to record your itinerant schedule will only be available if you are set up within SubFinder as an itinerant employee.